The class resource, everything.

Resource is anything that you might want to talk about. It defines the term RDF - Resource Description Framework - itself.

  • New Zealand
  • Omuamua
  • All humming birds in California

...are examples of resources.

Note: this can be illustrated by inference rules. Also, the examples of resources should be clickable pictures which will lead to pages about those resources (say, drawn as graphs).

Note: Triple structure (Subject, Predicate, Object) should also be drawn somewhere. I think RDF has terms for these.

Note: it is important that URI means Uniform Resource Identifier. Not Unique, because identifiers are NOT actually unique.

Note: is there a standard visualization for RDFS?

Inference Rules

Every rdfs:Class is a subclass of rdfs:Resource

For any triple, its subject and object are Resources, and predicate is a Property.

:subject :predicate :object